Jazz Conversations with Craig Milverton and Special Guest Steve Fishwick

May 20, 2017

One of the great British Trumpeters Steve Fishwick joined Craig for this podcast with Al Swainger and Coach York at The Blue Vanguard Jazz Club Exeter.

Steve chats with Craig about his life and work and with the trio make some great music.

Tunes in thus podcast

Soul Train - Tad Dameron

Lennies Tristano - Lenny's Pennies


Steve Fishwick http://www.stevefishwickjazz.com
Craig Milverton www.craigmilverton.co.uk
Blue Vanguard www.bluevanguard.co.uk
Al Swainger www.alswainger.com
Coach York www.gyork.co.uk/coachyork.htm


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